Kashrut - Keeping Kosher in Bermuda

gefilte fish(1)Keeping kosher in Bermuda is a challenge both for visitors and residents.

Kosher visitors can find a wide selection of restaurants that serve a variety of fish dishes and vegetarian meals but there is no true Kosher restaurant.

Strictly kosher visitors must ask for kosher meals to be specially shipped in for them or they must rent accommodations with a kitchen and bring in their own food.

If you would like to bring in your own Kosher meat/food but it should be declared at Bermuda customs.

  • Typical Kosher items at the grocery stores:
    • All grocery stores have Kosher options available, with UK/USA recognized Kosher symbols
    • Kosher breads, cereals, etc typically exist
    • Occasionally groceries stock some kosher meats
    • Hot Dog products can be found in grocery stores regularly in the refrigerated and frozen sections).
  • Lindos in Devonshire frequently stocks kosher Chicken
  • Miles Market in Hamilton (town) can bring in kosher meat if you request it

Our Bermuda Jewish Community Center has a dairy kitchen and therefore all meals served follow the dairy kosher guidelines.