Our History

Jewish History in Bermuda


Celebrating Sukkot with members of the Bermudian Jewish community

The Jewish Community of Bermuda (JCB) emerged as a result of a United States Naval Base situated on the island during World War II. In the past, the JCB consisted mainly of naval officers and their families. Other Jews on the island were always welcomed to join in the Services provided by the Base. In the last 20 years, the percentage of civilians to officers and their families gradually changed. In 1994, due to US budget cuts, the Base was closed.

Our community is now made up solely of Bermudian residents and their families, and expatriates from the US, Canada, the UK, and a dozen other countries. Our community is made up of many transient families who join our community during their time in Bermuda, typically due to a new job on the island. Although it is sad to lose these members, we endeavor to keep in touch with them and often have them back to visit. We help families with their celebrations of birth, barmitzvah, weddings, and other significant life events.

Our atmosphere is relaxed and friendly and we always welcome new members and families. We are requested often to assist in visitor celebrations and we help in the best capacity we can. All current events are posted on our calendar, so visitors of the Jewish faith are welcome to join in these events.

We are primarily a Reform/Conservative Community with a visiting Conservative Rabbi. We have an inclusive policy where people of all denominations are welcome to join us and participate. The population of Bermuda is about 65,000. Our community currently consists of about 120 people (including children). In 2011, we opened the Bermuda JCC- Jewish Community Center, which consists of a sanctuary, classroom, and kitchen.